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Increase Your Car’s Performance

Welcome to Chiptuning NZ. With over 25 years involved in the performance tuning industry, it is now more than ever that real performance gains can be made to car engines that were not possible in the past. Improvements in engine technology and software have made the modern engine incredibly responsive to chip tuning. Most people don’t know how good their car can be with a quality chip tuning upgrade. The potential for improved performance with significant increases in power and torque, engine response and smoothness, as well as better fuel economy (economy is improved on diesel engines mainly) that can be achieved with engine remapping is staggering. In many cases, even small changes and fine tuning transform a car’s performance. Higher torque and power can only be achieved by correct fine tuning and calibration of the engine management within the ECU.

Real Power Tuning

We thoroughly enjoy what we do with ECU chip performance tuning. Tuning solutions are only made available once they have been tested on a dyno and on the road, and in some cases, on the racetrack. The tuning is carried out on each car individually – each car is custom tuned based on customer requirements, type of fuel used, mileage covered, modifications and condition of the engine/ drivetrain. We don't turn up and read the ECU then come back later or the next day with a file bought from an online database or an unknown company in Europe – that is not tuning. We will spend time on each ECU remap, customising the software for each car. Work will normally start in the morning and the car will be completed by the middle of the afternoon.

Diesel Power

Our diesel ECU chip tuning does not involve fitting a tuning box or device to the fuel rail. We do it the correct way by optimising all fuel, boost, and limiter parameters in the ECU. This is the only way to achieve safe and significant torque and efficiency gains on a turbo diesel. Please see "Caution" section for further details.

Near all Major Centres

Chiptuning NZ's engine ECU remapping service is available to everyone in New Zealand. We are a Christchurch-based company that provides tuning services to all major centers. We use workshop facilities in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin. If you are unable to come to us, you can send us your ECU and we can send it back tuned overnight. Please see details for this popular service here on our Special Services page.

Real Experience

Chiptuning NZ and its parent company Autopassion Ltd. has worked closely with new car dealerships as well as car motorsport workshops and car enthusiasts for many years. Chiptuning NZ has been chip tuning and engine tuning European and turbo diesel cars in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington longer than any other company. This experience means we know the cars we are working on and understand the latest ECU technology, which allows us to optimise each chip tuning to make safe and proven performance upgrades that will enhance the enjoyment of your car.

Diesel Tuning

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